Dyno – Re-Defining the sports industry by building the first blockchain based marketplace for user driven sports and metabolic data.

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The Coin

What is DYNO?

We strive to improve the health of people worldwide. Our first step towards this goal was to build the best-in-class metabolism analytical device called DYNOSTICS, that provides feedback in seconds and does not require any medical assistance. Our device is already being used worldwide in over 26 countries by thousands of customers, including the likes of CleverFit and Red Bull.

With all the data collected from our device, we became increasingly aware that we needed a fair, safe, and secure way to store that data. That’s why we decided to to create the first blockchain-based fitness and metabolic data marketplace. We believe our users should have complete control and ownership over their data.

In the near future, we will extend our suite of analytical devices and open the DYNO ecosystem to all third-party tracking and fitness devices.

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A perfect fit for the Blockchain

Blockchain will allow our users to manage their personal data as they see fit, and share it with partners whom they trust, in an anonymized way. The DYNO token will enable research-institutes, universities, and insurance companies to get access to the users data for research and studies.

The DYNO wallet will be integrated through our entire suite of apps and will make the exchange of data, between users and purchasers, completely seamless.

Our vision

Our open source, blockchain-secured, fitness and metabolic data marketplace, will enable us to have a global impact. 

Our users will be the sole custodians of their data, and thus, free from malicious use of their sensitive personal information. Researchers, companies and institutions will have access to better databases, which will lead to better research results and improve the health of people worldwide.



Advisors / Extended-Team

Experience & Outlook

In 2014, we set out to build a revolutionary analytical device for sports people and athletes: DYNOSTICS. Our device is unique and the best in its category, used daily by thousands of people worldwide.

We’re now aiming to build the world’s first big data fitness marketplace, build new hardware devices, and bring all third-party fitness trackers into the DYNO ecosystem.


Token Sale

Role of Token: Enable trading between data owners and buyers
Symbol: DYNO
Supply: 1,000,000,000 DYNO tokens
For Sale: 550,000,000 DYNO tokens
Hard Cap: 35,000 ETH
Emission Rate: No new tokens will be minted
Price: 1 DYNO = 0.0000636363 ETH | 1 ETH = 15,714 DYNO tokens
Accepted payment:  ETH


Allocation of revenues

  • 60% Market expansion
  • 25% Research & Development
  • 10% Operations
  • 5% Legal

Token Allocation

  • 55% public (not sold tokens will be burned)
  • 15% public reserve
    (distributed after 12 months or burned)
  • 15% team (90% locked for 12 months)
  • 10% Advisors (All Tokens locked. 25% released every 3 months)
  • 5% Bounty / Ambassador



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Dyno – Re-Defining the sports industry by building the first blockchain based marketplace for user driven sports and metabolic data.

Sicada GmbH
Messerschmittstr. 2
86825 Bad Wörishofen

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Das Smart Contract System Konzept, die zugrundeliegende Software-Applikation und -Platform (i.e. die Ethereum Blockchain), befindet sich immer noch in einer frühen Entwicklungsphase. Es kann keine Gewährleistung oder Sicherheit geboten werden, dass der Prozess der DYNO Token Erstellung ununterbrochen oder fehlerfrei stattfinden wird. Es besteht ein inhärentes Risiko, dass die Software Mängel, Anfälligkeiten, Schwachstellen, Fehler oder andere Schwachstellen oder schadhafte Inhalte besitzt, welche den kompletten Verlust der ETH Beteiligung und/oder DYNO Tokens zu Folge haben könnte. Darüber hinaus bestehen weitere Risiken im Zusammenhang mit dem Kauf, der Lagerung und der Übertragung von DYNO Tokens inklusive solche, welche DYNOSTICS® nicht voraussagen kann. Solche Risiken könnten als unvorhersehbare Variationen oder Kombinationen der in diesem Absatz erwähnten Risiken auftreten. Es besteht zu keiner Zeit ein Recht auf Widerruf oder Erstattung von erworbenen DYNO Tokens oder ETH. Weiterhin besteht mit dem Erwerb von Tokens kein Recht zur Mitbestimmung, Mitsprache oder anderer Einflussnahme auf die Geschäftstätigkeiten von DYNOSTICS® respektive der Sicada GmbH, noch geht der Käufer von DYNO tokens keinen Vertrag ein, der die Sicada GmbH zu Pflichten gegenüber des Käufers verpflichtet, außen den der Ausschüttung der Tokens, insofern eine Ausschüttung aus technologischer Sicht erfolgen kann. Der Token Verkauf ist nicht bestimmt für Staatsangehörige, Bürger oder Ansässige in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika, Staatsangehörige von Hong Kong, Staatsangehörige von Süd-Korea, Staatsangehörige der Republik von China und/oder Rechtspersönlichkeiten, die in den oben genannten Ländern eingetragen, gegründet oder registriert sind.
DYNOSTICS® und DYNO sind ein Produkt der Sicada GmbH, Messerschmittstr. 2, 86825 Bad Wörrishofen, Germany

Important user information concerning possible legal-liability, financial-loss and right of withdrawal.
The Smart Contract System concept, the underlying software application and software platform (i.e. the Ethereum blockchain), is still in an early development stage and unproven. There is no warranty or assurance that the process for creating DYNO Tokens will be uninterrupted or error-free and there is an inherent risk that the software could contain defects, vulnerabilities, weaknesses, bugs or viruses causing the complete loss of ETH contributions and/or DYNO Tokens. Additionally, there are other risks associated with your acquisition, storage, transfer and use of DYNO Tokens, including those that DYNOSTICS® may not be able to anticipate. Such risks may further materialize as unanticipated variations or combinations of the risks set out in the Contribution terms. At any time there is no such right as to reclaim DYNO tokens or get tokens or ETH refunded. Further, by buying DYNO tokens there is no right accompanied that allows the token owner to have a say or take influence on any of the business purposes of DYNOSTICS® respectively the Sicada GmbH (limited company). The Token sale is not intended for persons who are citizens of or residents or domiciled in the United States of America, citizens of Hong Kong, citizens of South-Korea, citizens of the Peoples Republic of China, and/or entities incorporated, established or registered in or under the laws of the before stated countries.
DYNOSTICS® and DYNO are a product by the Sicada GmbH, Messerschmittstr. 2, 86825 Bad Wörrishofen, Germany