All you need to know about our device that will improve your health, sports, and nutrition game

Hey folks, in the current ICO space we belong to only a tiny group of businesses, which has a running and working product already. In our case, it’s a unique one with a patent on it that we would love to explain you in this post a little bit more.

Coming from the sports industry and working with top athletes we found out that the whole metabolism and sports analytic market is a bit old fashioned regarding the usage and tech of the different devices. If you want to do a test today you would need to visit a doctor and do it on a stationary device and your data would be stores local. Because of that you or anyone else aren’t able to access the data which is super out-dated with the possibilities of today’s technology.

Our unique analytic device + app

We wanted to change that, and our solution is the first mobile, smart and affordable system for performance and metabolism analysis, which determines a user’s current state of fitness in just a few minutes based on his breathing gases.

It’s already used by hundreds of sport & fitness studios, trainers, and various top soccer clubs as well as partners like Red Bull.

Here’s how our device works:

If you want to do a nutrition or performance test you’ll need to wear different gear. First there’s the oxygen mask where are smart turbine is attached to. This turbine will catch your breath and send it to the analytic device that is attached to your arm. If you do a performance test you’ll need to wear a puls belt on your upper chest too.

The measurements data is then sent to our app will be interpreted by our algorithm in real time. The result shows the user his individual information in which pulse ranges he burns fat, increases performance or from which point the body over acidified. In addition, the App tells the user how his body is able to process food and in combination with the performance level the App tells the user what to eat and how to train best in order to reach the individual goals like losing weight, building up physical fitness or doing health-conscious training. All this can be done without medically trained staff.

This is a worldwide unique system with a pending patent on the sensor and we are constantly working on additional body analyzing devices to become the world leader in smart body analytics.

Compared to the old-fashioned devices mentioned at the beginning we have a smarter non-stationary analytic device that makes up the data for you and you can access them from any place of the world via your personal account inside our app. If you want to check out the App, you can find it in the App Store, but you can’t play a lot without a proper nutrition or performance test. Feel free to contact us to get access to a demo account.

To go even more in detail, here’s what you can expect after the tests:

Improving your performance

After wearing the mask and our device in a little sports stress test our app will collect and analyze the data to show you exactly in which pulse ranges the most fat is burnt, when power is increased and when muscles in the anaerobic area over acidify.

Our app also provides

  • Customized training recommendations tailored to your personal goal
  • Optimal pulse range: analysis of fat and carbohydrate metabolism during exercise (aerobic vs. anaerobic)
  • Regular control measurements: ideal as a long-term customer loyalty step
  • Smart analysis system: best available examination quality and informative value through fully automated operation — requires no medical expertise.

Improving your Nutrition

The nutrition test is more comfortable and can be done in a sitting position within 5 minutes and without wearing the pulse belt.

Our metabolism analysis determines the personal basal metabolic rate, which means the exact calorie consumption per day, as well as the proportion of carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

You also get:

  • Smart measurement of individual basal metabolic rate as a high-quality entry-level tool for your customers and those who could become one
  • Less time spent: 5-minute rest test provides an ideal starting point for effective training and targeted nutrition
  • Our app delivers personalized nutritional recommendations right after analysis, tailored to your goals
  • Detailed breakdown: exact calorie consumption per day including the percentage of carbohydrates, fat, and protein

The shift to the blockchain

We are experts in getting the essential data from your body with our unique device. But this data is precious! That’s why we want to create the first blockchain based marketplace for user-driven sports and metabolic data where you as the user can decide what you do with the data.

You can keep it or earn DYNO token by providing health or insurance companies with it — anonymized — to help them create better studies to improve the health of millions of people.

We have a lot planned and you can get a glimpse of that already in our current Light Paper and in the upcoming articles.

If you want to join our mission feel free to check out our ICO page and contact us directly via mail if you’re interested in joining the Pre-Sale.