We started in 2014 with DYNOSTICS and build a revolutionary analytic device by our own. Today we have the most advanced sports and metabolism analytic device for sportspeople and athletes on the market. It is ten times more cost efficient than comparable products but three times faster and easier to use. At the moment we are active in more then 20 countries worldwide with our own gear and our app. Partners like FC Barcelona, Red Bull or the University of Leipzig trust us.

Today, we want to go one step further and are happy to announce our own ICO: dyno.io.

About the DYNO ICO

With DYNO, we want to re-define the sports industry by building the first blockchain based marketplace for user driven sports and metabolic data.

By having built one of the most advanced sports and metabolism analytic device for sportspeople and athletes, we realized the problem of handling the data it produces. In order to improve the health of millions of athletes across the globe we set our mission to collect user driven data in a decentralized, safe, fast and cost efficient manner, making it accessible to all devices on the market.

Data will come from wearables like our own as well as third party smartwatches or trackers that will be able to contribute to the data set of each user via an open source interface.

For more info, read our whitepaper here.

Our Vision

With DYNO we want to build the world’s first open source data fitness hub/marketplace that unleashes unlimited possibilities to work with user driven performance and metabolic data secured by the blockchain infrastructure.


We’re more then just a marketing ICO stunt and so we on-boarded five blockchain developers in the last months with more people who will join our team soon. The following roadmap outlines how we want to reach our goals in the upcoming years:

Token Sale

We sell our DYNO token in three different phases:

  • Private Sale for family & friends (closed)
  • Pre Sale (open)
  • Public Sale (to be announced)
  • Due the high interest of private investors we made the decision to announce the dates for a public sale later.

Here are the token metrics:

  • Role of Token: Enable trading between data owners and buyers
  • Symbol: DYNO
  • Supply: DYNO tokens (DYNO)
  • For Sale: 550.000.000 DYNO tokens
  • Hard Cap: 35.000 ETH or $25.000.000
  • Emission Rate: No new tokens will be minted
  • Price: 1 DYNO Token = 0,0000636363 ETH
  • Accepted Currencies: ETH

This is how we plan to allocate the tokens & spent the revenue:


If you are interested in joining our pre-sale feel free to fill to contact us via our website directly. We will reach out to you quickly.

For more information please have a look at our new whitepaper.

For now we would love to say thanks for your interest and if you want to catch the latest news follow us on Twitter.

The DYNO Team