Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we collected the most asked questions to the DYNO ICO. Just click on the question of your choice to expand the answer.

DYNO is the first blockchain-based fitness and metabolic data marketplace.

With all the data we collect from the DYNOSTICS device, we became increasingly aware that we needed a fair, safe, and secure way to store that data. We built the DYNO Marketplace so that our users would be able to dispose of their personal health data as they see fit and share it with partners whom they trust, in an anonymized way. The DYNO token will enable our users to get paid whenever they chose to share their data with a third-party.

Data will come from the DYNOSTICS device and from third-party smartwatches and fitness trackers. 

Blockchain makes it possible for our users  to dispose of their personal data as they see fit and share it with partners whom they trust, in an anonymized way.

Health & insurance companies, research institutes, brands, and doctors will be able to purchase data off our users with DYNO tokens. These institutions will have access to better databases and thus, conduct better research.

Our open source, blockchain-secured, fitness data marketplace, will enable us to have a global impact. Our users will be the sole custodians of their data, and thus, free from malicious use of their sensitive personal information. Researchers, companies, and institutions will have access to better databases, which will lead to better research results, and eventually improve the health of people worldwide.


Here are the most important questions & answers to the company behind DYNO.

DYNOSTICS® is DYNO’s mother company. DYNOSTICS developed the first mobile, smart and affordable system for performance and metabolism analysis. Our breakthrough device can determine a user’s current state of fitness in just a few minutes, by analyzing his breathing gases. The measurements data is sent to the DYNOSTICS® App and interpreted by the DYNOSTICS® algorithm in real time. The App shows users within which pulse ranges they burn fat, increase performance, or when their body over-acidifies. Furthermore, the App tells users how their body processes food and suggests customized diet and training programs. This data empowers users to reach their individual fitness goals more effectively. All these tests are performed without the need for medical supervision.

The system we developed is most advanced of its kind and the sensors is currently patent- pending. DYNOSTICS® is constantly working on additional analytical devices and intends to become the world leader in smart body analytics.

The team is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs. Our founders have more than 10 years of experience building and scaling companies in the health and fitness sector.

They founded and sold a number of companies including: an advertising agency with focus on the sports- and fitness sector, a fitness club franchising model and several other successful startups.

They invested 4 Million $ from their previous exits to start DYNOSTICS,

You can read more about the Team on the main page.

Token Sale

Interested in our ICO? Here are the answers.

Role of Token: Enable trading between data owners and buyers

Symbol: DYNO

Supply: DYNO tokens (DYNO)

For Sale: 550.000.000 DYNO tokens

Hard Cap: 35.000 ETH

Emission Rate: No new tokens will be minted

Price: 1 DYNO = 0,0000636363 ETH | 1 ETH = 15.714 DYNO tokens

Accepted payment: ETH

The Private Presale started in March 2018. The Pre-Sale is ongoing in June and July 2018. A Public Sale may be announced.

Please join our Telegram group or follow us on Twitter, for official updates.

If you want to participate in the Pre-Sale (only invests greater than 50 ETH accepted), fill out this form and we will get back to you shortly. 

  • 60% Market expansion
  • 25% Research & Development
  • 10% Operations
  • 5% Legal
Please find the complete statement of the usage of funds with regards to our business development plans in the Whitepaper. 

We plan for DYNO tokens to be traded on all major, ERC-20 compatible, exchanges. We initially plan to list on two mid-level exchange, one focused on the SEA region and another on the US/European market. A major exchange listing is planned and continuously being worked on.

The DYNO project is well aware of the velocity problem for utility-tokens. Therefore the DYNO marketplace / network will implement a token burn and staking mechanisms.

  1. A token burn function in order to steadily decrease the supply of the token and stabilize the prize. This will be done by burning 50% of each transaction fee on the DYNO marketplace. The token burn will be done via a connection to the Euro in order to get an asymptotical function of the burn mechanism, never being able to burn the whole amount of tokens only narrowing it down to have a decreasing amount of supply.
  1. A token hold function: this will be done on the market place for data buyers. Every possible data buyer can search the marketplace for certain metadata in order to find the right data and users. We will implement a token hold function with a premium marketplace access. Therefore a data buyer needs to hold a certain amount of tokens in order to be able to perform a more detailed search or process certain actions. The tokens he uses in order to get access to the premium functions on the marketplace can not be used to buy data and have to be held for a certain amount of time.