Meet our Head of Sports Science: Manfred Guenther

After months of thinking, planning, and writing we’re happy to present you the actual draft of our DYNO whitepaper. If you are interested to know how we want to re-define the sports industry with the first decentralized marketplace for sports, health and nutrition data, we’re confident that you will find the answers on these 31 pages.

Just note: We’re working constantly on our Whitepaper. Our goal is to make the process of development and changes as transparent as possible by integrating a “changelog” that shows all additions and changes for each version of it (starting with Version 5 which is the first officially published version).

In addition, our Whitepaper includes possibilities and questions from our side which may not have a
final solution yet. By that we want to show the directions we are working on in order to find the best solution
possible, but there are still open questions regarding the final version of the product.

Feel free to check out the actual version right here and if you have questions, just sent them over. We’re happy to answer them quickly!